Memento Mori, c’est une émission de musiques alternatives, plus ou moins extrêmes, plus ou moins présentées par Dav, Mitch et Mounet. Du post punk au grind core en passant par le sludge et le punk rock.

Un jeudi sur quatre en direct de 20h00 a 22h00 sur



Emission N°4 : 07/04/2016

Playlist :

Flying Donuts – Back off
Les Thugs – Gone
Bob Mould – I don’t know you anymore
Chuck Ragan- Non typical
Cwill – Imprisonment
Warning Warning – My world
Hermetic delight – Lull
Adult books – Suburban girlfriend
Spiritual beggars – sunrise to sundown
Daria – A quiet anarchy
Calvitie – Basement
Black sheep – A bedroom for prison
Potence – Le discours de ta méthode
Contravene – Desperation
Jared james Nichols – Crazy
Entombed AD – Dead Dawn
Flying Donuts – Tic tac
Flying donuts – We were youth
Throwers – Nevermore
Vitamin X – Bad trip
Bad Brains – Banned in D.C
Syndrome 81 – Désert urbain
Flying Donuts – ala burning
Therapy – screamager

Emission N°3 : 10/03/2016

Playlist :

The adolescents – Monolith At the Mountlake Terrace
The attendants – Hesitation : A way of life
Inner terrestrials – Enter the dragon
I know –  The last day of dictator
Attack of the mad axeman – scumdogs of the forest
Wormrot – compulsive disposition + all go no emo
Pauwels – La une
Totorro – Chevalier Bulltoe
Magrudergrind – sacrificial hire
Insect Warfare – Hydraphobia
Simbiose –  Ignorança colectiva
Perras Salvajes-  Un paso Atras
Catharsis – sacred and profane
Siberian Meat Grinder –  hail to the tsar
Crude SS –  Nazi go home
Archagatus – Hair dresser
Not scientists – I’m brainwashing you
Les vieilles salopes – C’est mon choix
MEINHOF – From protest to resistance
The autonomads – The A word
Insomnio  – happy loneliness
Demokhratia  -terteg esystem
Eyehategod  -Southern discomfort
Napalm death  -Strongarm
Agnosy  -deceived by disguise
Anti-Cimex  -when the innocent die
La societé elle à mauvaise haleine  -Dieu n’existe pas

Emission N°2 : 11/02/2016

Playlist :

The System – dogs of war
Appalachian terror unit- casualties of a rape culture
Moro moro land- Rotten hearts
Rentokiller- Boars now barrow
The afternoon gentlemen- Drain the dregs
Coke Bust – prove your right
After the bombs- war monger
Link – Wasteland
Hierophant- Inganno
1981- discarded remnants
Defaite- comme des rats
Autopsy- Hand of darkness
Toxic holocaust- Salvation is waiting
Vile intent menagerie
Horse bastards ???
Charly fiasco- Les chiens de la classe
Great cynics- One like you
G.L.O.S.S – we’re from the future
Masshysteri- masshysteri del tva
Feist – Black tongue
Mastodon – A commotion
Dark castle – Flight beyond
Eyehategod – Dixie whiskey
Daria – Car-ferry
Indoctrinate – the outlaw
Gasmask terror – no mistake

Emission N°1 : 14/01/2016

Playlist :

Motorhead – killed by death
Entombed – Left hand path
Deadverse – Heirlooming
The assassinators – retten til forskellighed
Wheelfall – Dead Eyes
Soil of ignorance – disarmed then ripped apart
Ekkaia – Buscandos respuestas con…
Leadershit – Pourrir
Governement flu – still no justice
Krigskade – et lofte
Weekend nachos – obituary
Warcollapse – defy
Inespy – See you in hell
Douche froide – communique tout
Forest pooky – choosing lies
Makach – marche ou crève
Illegal corpse – get your water from the plotter
Agathocles – Didn’t ask
Agathocles – Sentimental hypocrisy
Grossel – s/T
Justin(e) – la ride du lion
Heavy Heart –  Cursed
Black code – death by giant octopus
Social crisis – skonsumavani
Black breath – Arc of violence
Birds in row – Torches
Exhaustion – genociders
Ghost – Mummy dust
Maladroit –  you’re my han solo
Everybody row – tiny empires

Lien émission radio sympa :

(st dié des vosges)
KEEP THE RAGE (bretagne)
LA FRANCE PUE  (st etienne)
L’ECLUSE (reims)
KONSTROY (paris)
MANKIND (bordeaux)
I HATE MUSIC (nantes)
S.A.V (lyon)